Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Optimize your metal parts manufacturing business through the use of an ERP that is designed to meet the rigorous challenges of today’s modern manufacturing environment.

Metal Parts Manufacturing ERP designed to meet the challenges of todays business

Innormax is dedicated to helping metal parts manufacturing businesses meet critical business management challenges through the implementation of a customized manufacturing management systems.

The Innormax Difference

Purpose-built customized metal parts ERP designed to drive business growth, streamline processes, and provide clear insight into your business
Enterprise-grade support to provide pre-and-post installation training and support
Insight and Support from industry-leading professionals to ensure your ERP aligns with your unique business needs
Detailed end-to-end business monitoring and analytics streamlined to support the metal parts manufacturing business
Extended resources, training, and support to ensure your employees are aligned for success
Track, Manage and Mitigate Challenges that Influence Project Deliverables

Business and Process Improvements Experts

Today, a generic ERP simply doesn’t meet the needs of a dynamic technology-focused organization. So, what makes an effective manufacturing ERP?

An end-to-end platform that is customized to fit the unique business functions within the metal parts manufacturing industry.
Monitoring and analytics to provide key insights dedicated to the metal parts manufacturing industry.
Fully customizable interface that scales seamlessly to meet the unique business landscape of today’s metal parts manufacturing business.
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