Professional Services

SAP Solutions for Professional Services

Our innovative solutions give you the right information at the right time for optimum levels of control over your business.

Drive Growth and Engage the Best Talent

Meet client needs and generate revenue by blending data and processes and managing workers with SAP solutions. Providing you with complete visibility over all areas of your business, our professional and financial management software puts you firmly in control, underpinning substantial efficiency savings, increased customer satisfaction, and a real increase in profits.

Key Features Include:

View project status at every step of the way
Track opportunities with fully integrated CRM
In-built quotation costing and automated billing
Advanced resource planning and management with flexible Gantt view
Mobile data entry for flexible and accurate time and expenses data capture
Real-time reporting and interactive analysis capabilities
Improve financial management and cash flow
Multi-company, multi-site, multi-lingual, and multi-currency functionality
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