Business Process Outsourcing

We start by understanding your organization inside out

Implementing a business model that lets you focus on core activities is a must for everyone seeking efficiency.

We analyze, recommend and apply our domain experise to fuel growth in your enterprise.

As we collect information about existing processes, we are able to map your business and identify areas of improvement and efficiency.

How we can streamline your enterprise processes:

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Why Business Process Outsourcing?

  • Access to Technical Excellence
    Our team follows the best technical standards and procedures.
  • Labor Cost Savings
    It's been proved that a leveraged labor cost generates incremental profits.
  • Overhead Cost Savings
    Day-to-day expenses can be reduced by outsourcing services.
  • Training and Recruitment Cost Savings
    Training turns out to be one of the costliest investments a company can make.

Our Value Proposition

Have you ever considered acquiring a BPO service?

Recommendations and best practices on processes
Free your staff from routine by focusing on your core business
Access to talent with the ability to scale up
Committed SLA’s, KPI’s with Detailed documentation and 24/7 Operations
Personalised attention and lifelong partnerships
Variable cost structure & Long-term cost efficiencies

How we differentiate from other BPO Providers?

U.S. Presence
Our local presence sets us apart from other suppliers, enabling seamless customer engagement. Should you prefer, we are readily available for in-person interactions. Please feel free to reach out to us.
Accounting System Expertise
We have a deep understanding of accounting systems through years of experience in implementing and supporting maintenance. We are a verified SAP Partner.
Multiple Industry Knowledge
Our team has a broad background serving SMEs from numerous industries, from manufacturing and retail to fintech and service businesses. 

Business Process Outsourcing Services we offer

01. Finance and Accounting

At Innormax, we offer a suite of finance and accounting services for small-and-medium business owners.
We help our clients simplify and improve their accounting and bookkeeping operations, as well as their financial planning and analysis. We offer outsourcing finance and accounting staff, as well as audit support.
Accounts Payable Processing
Innormax will ensure your bills and vendor invoices are up-to-date and legitimate. We automate your accounts payable processing to provide better accuracy, timeliness, and control.
Payment Proposals
We ease your payment collection process by preparing payment proposals for your creditors. This will prevent your accounts receivable from reflecting claims that have yet to be paid.
Accounts Receivable Processing
We improve the way your business receives payments from your clients by automating invoices that reflect on your financial statements, eliminating manual entries and errors with the help of the latest accounting and bookkeeping tools/software.
Fixed Asset Register
We help ensure your fixed asset register is up-to-date. This will help you retrieve important information about fixed assets, for tax computation and depreciation.
Expense Report Processing
We ensure that all employee cash advances and reimbursements are accurately reported and accounted for and can help improve the expense process through innovative vendor integrations.
Bank Reconciliations
We process bank reconciliations as part of our general accounting and bookkeeping services, to ensure that there are no discrepancies between the two, to avoid an overdrawn bank account.
Financial Analysis
We full service financial planning and analysis (FP&A) services to ensure your business maximizes corporate goals.
Budgeting and Forecasting
We can kickstart or help support on going budgeting/forecasting projects including annual budgeting and project analysis.
CFO and Controller as a Service
We can provide complete outsourced CFO and Controller services to ensure your business records are up-to-date.
Full time/part-time outsourced accountants/FP&A professionals
Our knowledgeable staff of accounting and finance professionals can plug in and support your team.
Outsourced Accounting or Finance teams that integrate with your in-house team/controller
We can train and provide accounting/finance support for specific accounting/finance units (ex. AP, AR, Loan Accounting, Revenue, Fixed Assets) that integrate with your wider team.
Internal Audit Co-Support
Internal Audit Co-sourcing allows your organization to leverage knowledgeable staff with your existing in-house audit employees help meet deadlines and improve efficiency.
Audit Processing Support Staff
Our knowledgable staff can help alleviate the burden of audits by helping manage the audit process, pre-checking support files, and improve the quality/efficiency of audit outcomes.

02. Back Office Services

A big part of Business Process Outsourcing relies on Back Office Services. At Innormax we believe that the key to success is taking equal care of all areas and functionalities of your business. Let us help you achieve a holistic back office approach! Wether you need help with general services or Sales-specific tasks.
Shipping Documentation
We can manage commercial invoices, bill of landing, air waybills, certificates of origin, export packing lists and more.
Process Mapping
As part of our outsourcing offer, we deliver process mapping in order to provide insights within your business that will help improve your internal workflow.
Data Entry and Admin tasks
From collecting information to maintaining databases, we can help you manage different data entry and administrative tasks.
Image Annotation and Data Tagging
This process can be time-consuming, specially when handling high volumes of information. We'll organize and optimize your data to keep it discoverable.
Sales Admin Support
We offer Credit Checks, Identity Checks, CRM Updates and enquiry handling.
Outsourced Personal Assistant
Handling email inquires and inbox, as well as day-to-day coordination and meeting setup.
Help Desk
We'll handle inbound email inquires, call inquiries and provide level 1 support and resolution.
Lead Generation
Let us take care of your lead base! We'll help identify customer criteria, carry out LinkedIn and online searches, research on companies and Senior Executives, qualify the leads, update CRM base, initiate contactt hrough LinkedIn and other channels, and of course, update your Sales Funnel and statistics.

03. Business Process Automation

Business operations can be taken care of with an automatic approach. Wether it’s management, operations or supply chain activities, business processes can get unnecessarily repetitive! But you can always opt for a partner like Innormax to help you out. We will help you leverage your daily operations, so that you can focus on critical tasks.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
We continuously looking for opportunities for process improvements, automation, and best practices. We have RPA capability and familiarity with data analytics.

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