5 ERP Errors That Will Haunt You


5 ERP Errors That Will Haunt You

ERP Errors that will haunt you

We aim for your screams to be only on Halloween and not during your day-to-day operations. It is important for you to know what to look for inside an ERP system. During this spooky season, be prepared for any fatality that could occur within your business’ ERP system and avoid living in a perpetual nightmare. Here are 5 ERP errors that could be the reason why an enterprise is not obtaining full-value of their system.

1.- Insufficient Investment in ERP Systems

Beware of wanting to cut back costs when acquiring an ERP system. Trust us, the decision will haunt you day and night in the future. If you’re planning on obtaining only a part of an ERP system, this means you probably want to assign an IT team to custom-create configurations. The problem is that this system will now be customized to your organization and your team will no longer be able to leverage the ERP provider’s resources or customer support team. In addition, this also means that the only people who can fix issues, are those on your own internal IT team. 

So, what happens if they leave the organization? Does anyone else know the nuances of the custom configuration? Is someone updating the customizations of the system on a regular basis? What about updating the formatting issues between each and every data set?

2.- Lack of Proper Training on How to Use the ERP System

What’s scarier than ghosts, is having the best ERP system in the world, but not being able to use it to its fullest potential. This can happen if you do not properly train staff to handle your ERP system. This action will lead to wasted money, mass internal miscommunication, and mishandling of information, among other problems. Avoid this issue and contact Innormax. Go from novice to expert in no time! Don’t let your new solution sit due to inexperience and let us help you learn this new tool. We offer a full-service of software training designed for results. This training is led by industry experts with years of verified experience. It includes pre-and-post implementation software training as well as educational resources and training team access.

3.- Misuse of ERP System

With a lack of proper training, the nightmare continues into the mishandling and misuse of the entire ERP system. Whenever you are creating specific reports or analyzing certain metrics, you must use the correct data. This means understanding which data sets to pull from the endless array of options within the system, in order to receive clear and accurate results.

4.- Incorrect ERP System Implementation

Don’t let a bad implementation haunt your company’s operations, choose the right sidekick! ERP system implementation is difficult. Oftentimes when implementing complex ERP systems across all functions, it is done incorrectly and it leads to internal failure. Thus, internal departments cannot take necessary action for certain transactions, which leads to restricted functionality. 

It is very important for you to choose a partner that knows what they’re doing. Your partner must be capable of preventing your company of inaccurately record stock movements or of being incapable of acting on debit for supplier returns, due to a bad implementation within the New Distribution Center. Like these, there are multiple other errors that could be harming your enterprise.

5.- Lack of Operational Validation in ERP System

Exorcise massive inefficiencies from your ERP systems due to the failure of validation or verification of transactions. This can happen due to the complexities of cross-system procedures that support informal amendments and adjustments that do not receive formal validation or approval. When this happens, the transaction stays on hold, does not get followed up on, and is eventually written off. This causes growing confusion of the approval hierarchy, ERP system format issues, bugs in the ERP system software, and oftentimes vendor disputes.

Stay away from these 5 ERP errors and enjoy an stress-free spooky season!

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