Agri One

Providing configurable, functional workflows for:

Planning & Scheduling

Planting & Growing

Agriculture Activity and Inputs



Human Resources

Inventory Management


Contract Farming

Sales & Distribution

Farm Detector

See your farm at virtually any moment in time.

Pristine Farm Directly rapidly and repeatedly collects and analyzes comprehensive imagers of farms. It enables you to take this aerial data to gain actionable business insights such as analyzing Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), row vectorization, plant height, health level, number of tree count, and more.

Farm Detector has the amazing capability of defining the geolocation field boundaries and maps of your fields at crop level.

With Pristine’s Farm Detector, there’s no need to walk around the field to gather these data – the solution does it all for you.

Key Agri One Components:

Completely mobile

Included portal and dashboard

Allows for agricultural automation

Perform precision agriculture

Date over maps

Set up alerts

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